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WiMAX Connections

Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access ( WiMAX ) technology enables the delivery of wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and ADSL in Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs).
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Easy ST WiMAX Router


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The Airspan WiMAX Router is an excellent choice for small offices or people working from home that need to connect to a high-speed network to send and receive large data files. EyeWiMAX delivers high-speed, wireless broadband access services. Companies save both time and money when home workers can access the Internet with a reliable, fast, and secure wireless connection. The EasyST is an indoor unit. Have your own connection to the backbone of the internet with true bandwidths yo can rely on.

Connect the device directly to your Computer or a WiFi Router.

RRP:£180 - Free on contract with EyeWiMAX.com

Uses: Integrated WiMAX Backhaul for Wi-Fi changes the economics of a Wi-Fi Hotspot Hotspot Operator doesn't have a monthly OPEX unlike DSL powered Hotspots!

Service designed for Homes / Small Businesses / Shops / Restaurants / Hotels Access Point is configured in a fixed, pre-determined fashion Instantly available for service as soon as it is plugged-in Any standard Wi-Fi client can access the service via a WiFi Router for Instant Hotspots for Businesses and Enterprises