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Enterprise & Campus Solutions


  Enterprise & Campus Solutions


Eye WiMAX enables businesses or schools to connect multiple locations on one extended network, alowing remote users to operate as though they were located directly at the main site.


Enterprises or campuses with multiple site locations face many connectivity nightmares. They may be located in a rural environment with no existing cable options, they may be in historic buildings with few wiring options that maintain the integrity of the buildings, or they may simply have two or more sites that are not currently connected directly via cable. In any case, whether sites are located across the street from one another, or across town, laying direct cables between the sites is extremely expensive and often just not feasible.


EyeWiMAX offers a cost-effective and high-speed solution to businesses, schools and any other multi-site facility, allowing them to wirelessly connect multiple locations across great distances and even offer network access to mobile users. By deploying EyeWiMAX equipment, users can easily connect to a single network, accessing streamlined information, increasing efficiency and cutting back on redundancy of files and network costs.


EyeWiMAX makes high-speed data and quality voice available to enterprises through reliable, robust and field-proven technology. Increased connectivity allows for bandwidth-intensive applications such as video streaming or distance learning all on secure and reliable links.


In addition, establishing a direct, wireless, private network link often omits very expensive carrier connection packages that become more expensive as bandwidth demands grow. Airspan wireless solutions can offer long-term cost savings while enabling the quick and easy connection of any additional future sites.




  • Businesses with more than one location
  • Schools with multiple campuses
  • Libraries
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Real estate agencies

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